Dry Rotted Faith

If you knew me well, you’d know that I love to buy shoes.   I believe my love for shoes stems from having to wear my mother’s oversized boots as a kid in the winter; because we were too poor to buy my own.  I remember the days that I was laughed at because of the boots that I wore, and saying to myself: “when I get older, I’m gonna buy myself lots of shoes!”

Today, if you’d look in my garage, you’d find just that… lots of shoes in all colors and styles; for I dare not ever throw a pair of shoes away! 

However, as I sit writing this, I’m reflecting back on that when I couldn’t find my favorite running shoes, so to the garage I went and WULLAH… there was a pair of shoes on my shelf that appeared brand new, so I put them on and off I went!

As I walked downhill for about 3 miles or so, I wondered why I hadn’t worn these shoes before; they looked and felt great on my feet.  In walking back home though, I didn’t think the same.  Apparently, the shoes that appeared new and were very comfortable began to fall apart piece by piece as I walked.  I assumed that the pressure from my bodyweight combined with the heat from the pavement, caused my very old dry-rotted shoes – YES DRY-ROTTED SHOES-  to disintegrate!

As I reflect upon that day, I still laugh.  Yet, in deeper reflection, I can’t help but ask myself – and you may ask yourself – if my love for God might be in the same dry-rotted condition as my shoes were.  Meaning, that though I love Him, I only go to Him when I need Him.

Allow me to encourage you, to reignite your love for God; “take your love for Him off the shelf so to speak”.  Spend time talking with Him.  Sing love songs to Him like you never have before.  Better yet, open your Bible, and let him speak to you and “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1John 3:1 NIV)  
Pastor Arlene