We invite you to join us Sunday March 1 – April 5 for our Floor Foundation Classes. Class will be held at our church at 500 Farrington Hwy. (the old Kaiser Bldg.) on the 3rd floor immediately following the Sunday 9am service.


Floor Foundations is a new program designed to take you to the next level of your Christian walk.

Developing a real relationship with God happens one step at a time and we make taking your next step easy. We desire that you know the joy and fulfillment that comes with experiencing God’s love and walking with Him in your everyday life. You may be a new believer, or you may have had a relationship with God for a long time, either way these classes will benefit you. Floor Foundations is our way of connecting you to all that God has for your life, especially here at TFC. Each session is designed to move you one step closer in your walk with God. 

Floor Foundation Classes

Church 101

Join Pastor Arlene and hear the story of TFC. learn more about our vision and values, and find out what it means to be a TFC member.

Essentials 201

We will share some practical tools that you can use to grow and maintain your relationship with God. If you are just starting your walk with God – or perhaps you need a little encouragement on how to keep your faith strong , then this class would be great for you.

Discovery 301

God created you with specific gifts and a particular purpose in mind. At 301, you will discover God’s design for your life as you connect the dots between your personality, gifts and passions. Transform your church experience as you find your place to serve on our Dream Team.

Dream Team 401

Our Dream Team is all about one thing, serving God by serving His people. The members of this team have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. Our Dream Team has many teams and positions that have both fixed and flexible schedules. Some team members serve each week, once/twice a month or as needed. Our Dream Team and church family also come together to serve in outreach events that impact our community.

After completing Floor Foundations, you will have a clearer picture of how you can be a part of fulfilling God’s vision for TFC


Don’t forget about Sunday Worship Experience

Sunday morning is a BIG part of spiritual growth. We come together at 9 am to hear from God in a manner that allows us to go forward with God’s power and victory in our lives. The service begins with uninterrupted worship, followed by a Biblical word from God that we believe will lead you to overcome the challenges you may face in life. We want you to come with an open heart, come expecting and come ready to grow.