Words the Kill

I had a dream  last night.  I dreamed that the words in which  I had spoken to someone, actually killed them.  I stood motionlessly in that dream watching the fallen dead body being carried away.  I awoke feeling anxious, sorrowfully and introspectively searching my own heart for any possible hidden anger over past or current hurts.  I got out of bed, found a quiet place, then knelt quietly on the floor surrendering my heart to God anew.  My prayer was simple:  Cleanse me Oh God, from the inside out… please reveal all things that I’ve hidden in my heart… I want to please you. 
I stayed awake for some time, then returned to bed.. this time hugging my husband tighter. The dream immediately brought to my reminder the psalm that King David wrote in chapter 19:14, he said:  Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. (KJV)”
David had penned these words after reflecting upon God’s majesty seen in the creation.   He writes after turning his attention to God’s law, and praises Him for such perfection.  With understanding  and praise of both, His creation and law,  he surrenders himself – all of himself- to the Creator of all.  He desires to hide nothing; for nothing can be hidden.
 Simplistically,  he was  asking God to forgive his hidden thoughts and heart meditations .. anything and everything within him… that would be displeasing to our Creator.
I’m thankful for the dream that I had.  It jolted me BIG TIME to ever be so cognizant of the words that I speak and to be aware of  the meditations of my heart; for I know that I at times can be careless.  However, today I stand on guard.  You see,  the truth of the matter is that – CRUEL /UNTRUTHFUL/ MALICIOUS WORDS DON’T JUST HURT, THEY KILL!   My continuous prayer today since that dream has been: “May my words, deeds and actions refresh many.”  I pray that this will be your prayer too.
Pastor Arlene